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Our team of mobile designers and developers is driven by passion. Our energy is fueled by love for what we create (and fueled by lots of coffee, too!). Our passion is mobile app development and our clients are our heart. We really care about our clients and take care of all of their website design and mobile app development needs.

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We develop mobile apps with a passion. Our team of professional mobile designers and developers is dedicated to creating beautifully designed and fully capable mobile apps to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. With over a decade of professional experience in the software development industry, we specialize in developing mobile apps as well as web development including website design, eCommerce, corporate websites, game development, etc. After developing a virtual world game a few years ago, our design skills have no limits and we can accomplish anything that our clients need.

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SCHOOL AGENDA APP is the essential app for students and teachers.

Available on IOS and Android

SCHOOL AGENDA APP greatly reduces the number of apps you need to manage school life, and is very versatile in considering different schedules.

Manage all of your homework and tasks in one place. There’s a planner, where you can manage all of your courses. There’s also real-time view where you can have an overview of all your classes and other tasks for that day. You can also keep track of your grades and assignments.


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SCHOOL AGENDA APP will be the only calendar you need to manage your academic life in one app.

Free to install on IOS and Android

Available in Canada and USA.

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